TRIUMPH67 logo

Feature Narrative Drama

Written by: Dan Tanz and Heidi Haaland
Directed by: Dan Tanz
Cinematography by: Jeremy Wilker
Produced by: Dan Tanz, Mohannad Ghawanmeh, Heidi Haaland and Jeremy Wilker
Edited by: Jeremy Wilker, Dan Tanz
Logotype by: Evan Nagan
Color Grade by: Sue Lasko (Crash + Sue’s)
Music/Sound Mix by: Reid Kruger

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Details: I was initially hired on as the cinematographer and through the course of pre- and post-production I expanded my role and became not only a co-producer (I really love the story!) but the editor of the film as well. Utilizing my tech and graphics skills, I led the successful kickstarter campaign in 2010, built the T67 website and social media presence, and designed the poster and disc cover art.

Technical Information of TRIUMPH67
Camera: Sony PMW-EX3 (1/2″ full HD sensor), Super8 film camera with color film
Lenses: vintage Canon FD 35mm lenses (with Letus Elite 35mm adapter)
Lighting: 3 Mole-Richardson tungsten lights, 500w Rifa softbox, fluorescent strip lights, practicals
Audio: Sennheiser G2 wireless lavalier mics, AudioTechnica AT-897 shotgun
Editing: Final Cut Pro 7 with various plugins
Computer: 15″ MacBook Pro with several FireWire drives, 20″ Dell UltraSharp monitor