Death To Prom

Death To Prom Title

Feature Narrative Promedy

Written by: Matthew Stenerson
Directed by: Matthew Stenerson and Jeremy Wilker
Cinematography by: Jeremy Wilker
Produced by: Matthew Stenerson and Jeremy Wilker
Edited by: Cassie Wentlandt
Color Grade by: Michael Sandness (Splice Here)
Sound Design by: Tom Hambleton (Undertone Music)

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Details: I knew Matt from work around town and when he told me he was a screenwriter I immediately asked (more like demanded) to read any scripts. He gave me three finished screenplays and the first one I read was Death To Prom. As I finished the final page, I knew I wanted to make it happen and set my mind on it. The roles of co-producer and cinematographer are demanding enough, but when some local grants changed their eligibility requirements, Matt and I decided we’d co-direct the film to gain the necessary experience and be qualified for future projects. The kickstarter campaign, website, and social media presence we’re built by me.

Technical Information of Death To Prom
Camera: Sony FS-100
Lenses: Zeiss ZF.2 Prime lenses, Sony 16mm, Nikon 28mm
Editing: Final Cut Pro 7
Computer: Mac Pro
Color Grade: DaVinci Resolve