Wet House / Darkness Shining

Directed by: Benjamin May
Cinematography by: Daniel Levin, Giovanni Autran
Produced by: Benjamin May, Michael Forstein, Anne Marie Lawless, Daniel Levin
Edited by: Giovanni Autran
Additional Camera: Jeremy Wilker
Jeremy Wilker

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Details: Ben and I had met a few times to boost his kickstarter for his prior film, The Legend of Swee’ Pea (great doc, even if you don’t anything about basketball). When he asked me to join the team to follow a group of chronic alcoholics that live in a wet house (they are given room and board and are allowed to keep drinking) I will admit that I was reluctant but the idea was too compelling. It has turned out to be a truly eye-opening experience. The crew is very small so I am the camera assistant, DIT, 2nd camera, etc.